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This one seems to make the most sense out of all of their ads.  They show the benefits of the product and simply explain how it’s use is good when you’re busy.  When you have a lot of work to do, take 5-hour energy.  I personally don’t drink too many energy supplements, but I do when I have an overwhelming amount of work to do. 

This is something I can relate to, like many others.  I understand that time of the day when you really hit a wall sometimes.  It seems like they are targeting those who work the traditional 9-5 or hours similar to that.  Again, it is also targeting those who live a busy lifestyle.  I really like how they recommend to try it and see how you feel. 

This is a 5-hour ad that I have not seen shown on TV in a while.  I think they came to their senses and took this off air.  They use a figure saying how 73% of doctors would recommend a low calorie energy supplement to their patients who take energy supplements. 

To me, it’s just a worthless deceiving statistic.  That is like saying a doctor would recommend a diet coke to patients who drink coke.  This may also make consumers feel like Doctor’s recommend taking it, which clearly is not true. 

I like how they try to get people to relate to a difficult busy lifestyle.  However, I don’t think it would be in anyone’s best interest to take 5-hour energy on a daily basis.  I can understand in a difficult situation.  If you’re really tired, sometimes caffeine and energy supplements can be okay.  But, the thought of 5-hour energy every day is senseless.